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Febuary 12, 2019News
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Research Outline

In order to solve the energy problem and realize a sustainable society, one of the prominent issues in materials science is to develop high-strength, light-weight structural materials. In our research project, we establish the "Kink strengthening phenomenon" as a univerasal strengthen principle, which has been firstly discovered in the LPSO-structured Mg alloy that revealed unusual high-strength beyond theoretical predictions. The LPSO structure can be generally viewed as "Mille-feuille structure", in the sense that they are constructed by alternate stacking of microscopic hard- and soft-layer. Establishing a universal kink principle applicable to any mille-feuille structures will lead to a new academic, innovative area. Furthermore, based on the established "kink stengthening principle", we will be able to design new alloys including Ti and Al alloys and further new polymer materials, providing an exciting opportunity for the development of next generation structural materials.